Quality & Safety


We at Elegance, believe that customer needs are the drive of our studies and products; all of our products are developed to meet the customer demands. Our company is committed to provide high quality products and services in order to guarantee and exceed customer satisfaction.


Elegance has succeeded in the effective implementation and application of the ISO 9001:2000 system standard. With ISO in place, we aim to continuously improve our work and system in order to make our work more effective and efficient for all our stakeholders.


The safety of our products is guaranteed through the application of the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis of Critical control points) that provides an assurance for the safety of the products in the standard Elegance goal was and still is to develop and maintain a system that protect its products from biological, chemical hazards so that it can maintain its consumers health and safety from the risks of contamination.


The HACCP system is applied to the making of all our products from the control of raw materials to the end product in a way that guarantees the safety of the final product. All of that makes the products easier to market, meet the national and international standard and deliver a safe quality product that delights the customer.


Elegance is committed to continual scientific improvement and technological development that is based on well established methods in food processing and well – trained and equipped staff. This policy has led us to achieve a high a quality standard and strong technical team committed to achieving and maintaining best quality and customers\' loyally and trust.